2020 Reunion Discussion

To all Von Steuben members,    

I would like some feedback on the following:  We can have our reunion from Tuesday, March 17 to 20, 2020 for a room rate of $99.90/night at Courtyard Marriott in downtown Pigeon Forge.  That is the best weekly rate available in town.  We could also attend from Thursday, March 19 to 22, 2020 for a room rate of $99.90 for Thursday and $189.70/night for Friday and Saturday.


Bill Hughes



My recommendation would be for March 17 – 20 since for most of the members attending during the week would not be a problem but the cost of the weekend room rate might make the cost including travel too high. Rick Wise

I'm good with either set of dates and cost.  Dave Duncan IC2/SS 1979 to 1982

I like the 17th thru the 20th idea! No problem during the week.  Thanks, SEleonard Steve Leonard

I would go for mid week with lower rates.   Chuck Sippel   FTG1 (SS)  1974 - 75

I would think it would be a little easier for those of us that still work to get off for the Thursday to Sunday option. I could do either option myself. If we're voting I would prefer the Tuesday to Friday option.

Mark Bruster MT2(SS) Blue 73-77.

I prefer Tuesday, March 17 to 20, 2020 for a room rate of


 Thank You for your doing this for us.  It takes a lot of work.  I with some help organized the 50th anniversary reunion in Newport news.

 James L Norton (Plank Owner)

I have no problem with mid week; probably less crowded and I like the better rates.  17th through the 20th is fine.  Allen Katen

March 19-22 is best, but will plan to attend either  Joseph Nichols

I like the weekday option with the lower rates. Also, I expect less congestion and traffic then. Thanks, Kirt Scherer Gold 73-75

We vote for March 17-20. Clyde Ragland

Lucien Frederick MMCM (SS) RET here. My vote is 17 -20. Thanks for the consideration.

Will be attending regardless. The midweek dates would probably be better due to weekend crowds. Jack Ives

March 17-20 Michael Garcia

I like the 17/20 March. Jack Schafer.

I good with the March 17-20 2020.Greg “Lefty” Leighton

I'm good with either, but prefer the mid-week. We may commute from Clinton for part of it if the weather is good. Nathan Jones